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Rotating autoCAD paperspace viewport

Sometimes, when you are working with real world coordinates for instance, it makes sense to rotate your paperspace viewport to align your drawing elements the way you want to. This is very easily done. Starting of, you have an element (or collection of drawing elements) that are rotated in modelspace, but wanting those to be aligned with your paper in… Read more →

Moving objects to 0,0,0 in AutoCAD

When drafting in modelspace, especially when you have a whole batch of drawings to be made, it makes most sense to keep the bottom left hand corner of your paper border set to 0,0,0 (x,y,z). Best practice would be to start your drawing out this way, but often that may not be possible as you are simply finishing up a… Read more →

UCS and WCS in AutoCAD

Understanding the World and User Coordinate systems in AutoCAD The World Coordinate System is based on the Cartesian Coordinate System. Having an understanding of this coordinate system (which many people have, despite of probably never heard of the name) is essential to understanding how the WCS (and UCS) work within AutoCAD. Some of what is written below (quotes) I have… Read more →