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My Most used iPhone apps

As mentioned in a previous post, many iPhone app’s I have bought over the years, have ended up collecting dust in my iTunes library. Even though some of those were free, most of them weren’t. Kind of a waste of money in retrospect. I guess that is true for lots of things, and the best thing to do about that… Read more →


Started using ‘Instapaper’ on the iPhone today. Had heard a lot about it over time, and figured I’d give it a spin. So far not too disappointing! I like the fact i can just mark articles I would like to read but don’t have the time for, right from within Safari, after which I can just use Instapaper to read… Read more →

AutoCAD WS for iPhone

Autodesk just released it’s mobile version for the iPhone and iPad. This was something i have been excited to try, ever since I first learned Autodesk was developing it. fter the download (through iTunes) and install it firstask’s you to either log in or create a new account (for online storage, sharing and collaborating among other things). So I created… Read more →