Mac App Store and Twitter for Mac

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.6.6. As part of the update the Mac App Store was launched. See screenshot below:

Many of the apps are well known to anyone using the iOS app store, such as Angry Birds, Flight Control, Bejeweled, etc. Apple’s office suite, iWork, is now available as well as iLife. You can now choose to get the apps separately, which is good.

The main app I was excited about, was Tweetie 2.0, which has now been released as Twitter for mac. I’ve been using Tweetie 1.0 for a long time now, and have been wondering if a an update would ever come.

Now it has!

Looks great I think!




After having played with the new Twitter for Mac client for a bit, here is a little more of what i think of it. Let’s start with the two things I am not to pleased with: With the sleek design it’s hard to see whether the app is ‘active’ or ‘in focus’ if you will. This was pointed out to me by @loyalmoses, and I have to say I agree. Second thing I think is annoying, is the fact that there is no obvious place to click on the window in order to drag it to another place on your screen. Grabbing it at the top works, of course, and the black sidebar as well. With most other Mac App’s it is obvious where to grab a particular window in order to move it, and regardless of the app itself, it works the same all around. These (in my opinion) are two downsides to an otherwise smooth looking app.

An interesting article, written by John Gruber goes into the break in uniformity in Mac App’s. Makes for an interesting read, I think.

Now for something that was a nice surprise: I had previously purchased Tweetie for Mac via MacHeist, as part of a larger bundle. Now of course, Tweetie 2.0 (Twitter for Mac) is a free app, but because I had purchased Tweetie, I was able to unlock the ‘MacHeist Secret Stuff’, using my Tweetie license number. This added the ‘Super Secret’ panel to Twitter’s preferences pane (see screenshot). I guess it allows you to see and use pre-release features. I think it’s kind of a funny perk!

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