Free online cloud storage: Copy

After having used Dropbox for quite some time, I was recently send and invite for Copy, a fairly new online cloud storage, similar to dropbox. What made this interesting for me was the amount of free storage you get when first signing up. When signing up for a free account you receive 15 GB of online storage. Not bad at all, and certainly a lot better then Dropbox, with its meager 2 GB of free storage.

As Copy is a fairly new service they are trying to get as many people as possible to sign up, and they make this very appealing by offering an extra 5 GB of storage  for everyone that signs up through an invite (here is my invite: Feel free to use it to create an account!). This gave me, right from the get go, after signing up through someones referral link, 20 GB of online storage. Considering I only managed to expand my dropbox account up to 4 GB (free), this was quite the improvement. And the best part is, you can just keep referring people (for the time being), and for everyone that signs up you get an extra 5 GB. This way expanding the amount of free storage becomes quite easy. Finally a service offering large amounts of free online (cloud) storage!

Interestingly, only about a week after I signed up for Copy, I noticed Box was offering all new users that signed up through their new iOS app 50 GB of free online storage, which is not bad at all. The biggest problem I have with Box, is the maximum file size limit of 250 MB (for their free accounts).

Only downside I have noticed so far are the upload and download speeds. They seem (for the time being) a little less then for instance Dropbox. I would think this will only improve in time, given they are still growing their user base.

Once you click on the link ( ) you have to sign up for a new account. Afterward there are just a few things to do to claim your extra 5 GB of storage (on top of the standard 15 GB):

  1. Click on the link in the email they send you, to validate your account;
  2. Install the copy app (mac, windows, iOS or android) and sign into the app with your copy credentials

That’s it. Now all that remains is to send all your friends invites to increase the amount of free storage!

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