Got the new Apple TV!

Yesterday my Apple TV was delivered, finally! In Holland the new Apple TV isn’t on sale yet, so I had to order it in Germany. Took 6 days to get here, from ordering to being delivered. Not too bad! Got it right before the new year.

Only downside of owning an Apple TV in a country where you cannot yet buy or rent movies/tv shows in the iTunes Store, is that all content has to be added by ripping DVD’s and converting them into an iTunes playable file. I already had a bunch of those luckily (for use on my iPhone)!

Also I’d heard about Airflick. An app that allows you to stream any content to the Apple TV without using iTunes to do it. I figured I’d give it a try (even if it was only an Alpha version). It also required VLC player to transcode content I found. It worked, sort of, but whenever I tried to send a non iTunes movie file (.avi for instance), it would start playing but kind of skippy and for most of the time the screen was pixelated green. The audio would work fine though. It might just be my particular setup.. But it seemed like it wasn’t transcoding the file quick enough, which resulted in bad movie quality. I am sure Airflick will improve over time, but it isn’t a real problem for me anyways, as most of my content is already in iTunes.

The Airplay feature is great as well! I can just stream pictures and movies from my iPhone to the Apple TV. Only downside is that I can’t share/stream movies shot with my iPhone to my Apple TV… Which just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Hope they add that soon.

In all, I am very pleased with the new Apple TV! The form factor is awesome! I knew it was small, but this small?! I can only recommend it!

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