Rotating autoCAD paperspace viewport

Sometimes, when you are working with real world coordinates for instance, it makes sense to rotate your paperspace viewport to align your drawing elements the way you want to.

This is very easily done. Starting of, you have an element (or collection of drawing elements) that are rotated in modelspace, but wanting those to be aligned with your paper in paperspace.

We start of with this situation:

This is just a simple square, rotated 45 degrees, to illustrate how to do this. In paperspace (in a viewport) it looks like this:

Now we want to rotate this square to so that is will be aligned with the paper. First, double-click into your viewport to activate it:

Next, type in:

UCS [enter]


OB (for object) [enter]

Now select the object or line you want to appear horizontal on screen. Once you have done this the crosshair in your viewport will be aligned to the object or line you selected.

Next, type in:

PLAN [enter]

C (for current UCS) [enter]

Your viewport should now be rotated, like so:

Double-click outside of your viewport to exit. Note that you have changed your UCS within your viewport, when you switch back to modelspace, you UCS is still the way you had it before you rotated the view within your viewport. Especially when you are working with a coordinate system in modelspace, you can rest assured, it won’t mess that up! Also, in modelspace the square appears as drawn; rotated 45 degrees.

I personally use this frequently when using real world coordinates in plot plans among other things.

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