Uploading to ‘AutoCAD WS’, in ‘AutoCAD for Mac’

With ‘AutoCAD WS’ having been released not too long ago, I was really anxious to use the new AutoCAD ’11 feature where you can just upload .dwg files right from within AutoCAD. After Googling a little, I found AutoDesk has plugins available for download, which enables the feature. Only problem was…. I am using ‘AutoCAD for Mac’, and there was no plugin to be found for the Mac version.

But, as it turned out, I was thinking way too difficult. AutoCAD for Mac has that feature build in! So no need for a plugin! It couldn’t get any easier! Just select “File” and navigate to “Upload Drawing Online..”. After that just fill in your AutoCAD WS login and password, and you start uploading the currently open (previously saved) CAD file.

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