Interesting AutoCAD posts

Below some interesting autoCAD related articles I came across.


“A big part of what got me into AutoCAD was learning how to mess with people. This is a classic for me. There is a file called base.dcl that is used by some dialog boxes as a template. With some simple editing you can change the “OK” and “Cancel” buttons of the dialogs that reference base.dcl to reflect a little cooler lingo.”

AutoCAD for MAC – how is it different from AutoCAD?

“Wondering about how specific commands or functions work in AutoCAD for Mac, compared to the familiar AutoCAD in Windows?”

Several useful links in this article about what you need/want to know about the differences.

AutoCAD ‘Fields’

“The Insert Field dialog has an entire category devoted to “Date & Time” fields, with more formats than you will probably ever use.”

This details the ‘Date & Time’ category specifically. Very useful.

Handling Drawing (DWG) File Format Changes with AutoCAD

“AutoCAD over the past 10+ releases has been seeing a new drawing (DWG) file format change every three releases. The file format changes are done to introduce new features and optimizations.  When working with clients or departments that use a different release of AutoCAD than you, there are a number of options that you can use to make sure you can share DWG files with ease.”

I come across this so often. At our office alone, several different releases of AutoCAD are used at different departments. We at the Civil/Structural department have now transitioned to AutoCAD 2010, while for instance the Piping department is using the 2008 release. And just this past week a client I needed to send a .dwg file to, was using the 2007 release. Just part of the fun!

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