Weekly Recap – Friday May 11th (2012)

Below a few links to stories I have read and shared on Twitter this week:

Evernote buys Penultimate – Since owning an iPad 2, Penultimate was one of the first app’s I purchased. Comes in quite handy at times. At least Evernote is going to leave it a separate app (for now anyway).

Rim’s ‘Wake Up’ campaign – In a desperate attempt to stay afloat, Rim decided to take aim at Apple with a ridiculous new add campaign. Interesting to see how when your own products can’t compete in todays market, the only option is to bash your biggest competitor (Apple) instead of focusing on creating a great non-ripped of product of your own. But who am I……

Creating 2D views of 3D models in AutoCAD 2013 part 1, part 2, part 3 – For anyone who uses AutoCad this is a nice three-part tutorial on how to create 2D views of your 3D model.

 “iPad 2 said to have extinguished Kindle Fire demand” –  When Apple launched their newest iteration of the iPad, they kept the iPad 2 and lowered it’s price. So much so, that reportedly it killed demand for Amazon’s Kindle Fire which started of quite well. Who would have thought!

Doghouse Diaries: “Low Self-Esteem (A Story Of Romance) – The guys at Doghouse Diaries crack me up! This comic is pretty funny!

“Autodesk edges closer toward taking money for Cloud services” – Article about how Autodesk will start to charge it’s users for using it’s Autodesk 360 Cloud services.

 Apple dropping Google maps in favor of it’s own mapping solution in iOS 6 ? – Rumor has it Apple, starting with iOS 6, will drop Google maps, in favor of it’s own solution. Makes me wonder. I imagine at WWDC we will get a definite answer.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy!

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