AutoCAD: Multi-line dimension text

It is really easy to add multiple text lines above or under your dimension line in AutoCAD. You just need to know the following three commands to use it:

\P =New Line

\X =Above/Under Dimension Line

<> =Dimension Value

For instance: After selecting a dimension line to which you would like to add text, look in the ‘Properties’ menu for the heading ‘Text’. Then scroll down to ‘Text Override’. In the box enter the following commands:

Text override


As you can see in the screenshot, you now have multiple lines of text, which are convenient in so many situations.

Dimension example1

Something I use very frequently is the following:

<>\X= =

This creates the following dimension line:

Dimension example2

There are many more useful applications for this, but the above mentioned examples are the basics, and through it you can add whatever text you want, to your dimension lines. One thing to remember though is that AutoCAD only recognizes <> and \X once in the line. If you add this a second time in line, AutoCAD just displays it as text.

Additionally, below are some extra shortcuts I use a lot, and come in handy for multiple dimension lines as well:

Text Shortcuts


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