Plotscale dashed lines paperspace (AutoCAD)

August 20, 2011 in AutoCAD

At my previous job (just started at a new engineering firm) I used model space to create my plot layouts in. This worked fine for me for the duration. At my new job though they always use paperspace to create new layouts. I had used that before, but had forgotten something useful.

When drafting up stuff in modelspace, especially when using dashed lines, the scaling of those dashed lines did not appear properly in my paperspace layout. This can be overcome manually (very annoying and time consuming) by editing all the lines individually and setting their scale factor to something like 0.1 or 0.05. This, however, is no real solution. I remembered there was a setting you can change in order to have line scales appear in paperspace, just as I draft them up in modelspace. A quick search later and the answer was right there:

Your typical Model Space global settings (command: LTSCALE) will probably be set to something like 28, 32, 48 or something like that. This controls how many dashes and dots and so forth are displayed while you are in Model Space … BUT …

When you are in Paperspace, you have an additional setting (command PSLTSCALE) that you want to set to < 0 > … that’s < zero > as opposed to < 1 >. What happens then is that your line scales are displayed exactly as they are in Model Space.

Finally, if they still don’t show up exactly in Paperspace as they are in Model Space when you type < REGEN >, remember that REGEN alone doesn’t work in Paper Space – you must type < REGENALL > to get the viewports to regenerate. Hope this helps.

So just entering (when in paperspace): PSLTSCALE in the command line, and setting the value to < 0 > instead of the default < 1 > worked just great. No more annoying dashed lines that appear as regular continuous lines when in paperspace!

To view the whole forum thread on the topic, see here.

Plotscale dashed lines paperspace (AutoCAD)


    1. DJG says:

      This is the first fully helpful tip on printing dashed lines I have found so far online. Thank you so much !

    2. Mike says:

      I’m having the opposite problem: my dashed lines in MS appear solid, but they appear correct in PS.

      LTSCALE=64 (for 3/16″)

      I’ve tried all kinds of combos but still can not get it to work. Any ideas?

      • admin says:

        Here is how I have it set up:


        Your LTSCALE depends on a variety of factors. Play with that a bit. Make sure to enter the REGENALL command after you change your PSLTSCALE to 0, otherwise you won’t see any of the changes made.

        Hope this helps.

    3. Emily says:

      THANK YOU!!!

    4. sandun says:

      Thank you very much sir

    5. kunna says:

      FINALY! I find simply end useful tutorial how to plot in same scale as drawing.


    6. susan says:

      I can’t thank you enough! I am in the overwhelm stage of learning autocad and everything takes so much time. You have saved me hours and your explanation is so clear!!!

    7. Vincent says:

      Thanks for the tutorial. Its been a great help to me too.

    8. Dominika says:

      Thank you so much!!! I’ve been working on it for ages!

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Plotscale dashed lines paperspace (AutoCAD)

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