Enable ‘Library’ folder in OS X Lion

So I purchased OS X Lion the day it was released, like I am sure many other did as well (more then one million downloads on the first day). Many improvements on the previous OS (Snow Leopard), but also quite a few annoyances, such as how they destroyed Spaces and Expose for starters. Spaces was sacrificed to enable full screen apps, a feature which I think is highly overrated…

Something else I could not find was my Library folder. As it turned out, Apple has hidden the folder, so you can’t access it, which for most users is no problem at all. I have used the library folder over the years and found it very childish indeed for Apple to have hidden it, so people won’t mess around in it. Of course as the folder is hidden, there is quite an easy way to enable the folder again, like before. A friend of mine showed me how to do it, and here is a little clip by Cult of Mac that explains how it is done. Very easy to do! For anyone missing the Library folder, type in the following string in terminal:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

and/or watch the screencast below:

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