Free stuff

When dropping by the hardware store this morning to buy some trimming for the ceiling, we came across a bit of luck:

A whole lot of plants they had forgotten to water over the past days, were being given away for free! Sure they looked parched (especially in the current drought we are experiencing), but they were far from dead!

So we loaded up our car with what we could grab, and as soon as we got back home, watered everything. We continued to do that throughout the day, and some are looking better already! As we have just moved, we have a few parts of the yard that are just bare and need to be planted. Now we drove of with about € 250,- worth of plants! Not to shabby I say! These kind of ‘discounts’ are just my thing!

Below our (still sorry looking) collection of free plants!


Update: I also bought (second hand) a lawnmower (manual one), a (electric) grass trimmer and electric hedge clippers for €35,– total! Nearly free! Good stuff!

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