Empire Avenue Share prices – What do they mean?

Joined Empire Avenue just about a week ago, and have been enjoying myself trading people’s shares. It definitely makes social media that much more fun!

Your own share price is based on what you do (and how much you use) different social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn and of course Empire Avenue) venues. You start out with a low share price of 10 Eaves, and if you are active enough it will start to go up soon enough! It works the other way as well: Not doing much of anything on the social media front will cause you share price to drop.

On Empire Avenue’s FAQ page I found the following about what your share price tells about you:


  • Occasional social media user or newcomer to social media
  • Limited activity on one or two social media sites
  • Averaging less than one post per day
  • Smaller audience size
  • Virtual Shares are slightly divested


  • Average social media user
  • Somewhat active on a few social media sites
  • Posting frequency excellent for someone who primarily consumes content
  • Medium audience size
  • Beginning to draw attention of investors


  • Above average user
  • Regularly active on a few social media sites
  • Posting daily on more than one site
  • Trending to above average audience size on at least one site
  • Investors have noticed you and are trading your virtual shares


  • Very active social media user
  • Very active on a few social media sites
  • Posts often to all their sites — sometimes more than once a day on the same site
  • Audience size is above average on more than one site
  • You have a good percentage of your virtual shares in investor’s hands


  • Exceptional social media user
  • Very active on a handful of social media sites
  • Find it hard not to post on your sites (perhaps you should seek addiction counseling?)
  • You are followed, nay, stalked — you have a large audience on all sites
  • It looks like investors like you — they own more of you than you do!


  • Elite social media user
  • Highly active on almost every social media site on the planet — and some off planet
  • Madonna wishes she had an audience this large
  • You’re starting to wonder if you’ll run out of virtual shares soon

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