Started toying around with Foursquare today. I had heard the name of it before, but never really looked into it, or gave it a try. As we were away on a little trip today, I figured it would be the opportune time to give it a try.

The idea is pretty cool I have to say with earning the badges and collecting points and such! I will have to try it out some more over the next while, but so far it seems like Foursquare could be something big!

Implementation on my blog seems to work quite well with the plugin I found and now use:

FourSquare Integration

Update: Been reading about Foursquare Merchant Platform. Seems like that could work. Will have to figure out whether or not this will be something useful for our business. Foursquare is relatively new, and even though more and more people in Holland are using it, it’s nowhere near as integrated as, for instance, Twitter. That might change though. We’ll see. It would be cool to use this to promote our business. Something to think about in next little while I guess!

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